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Metal Heat Treating Services

Some of the heat treating processes performed at Magnum Metal Treating are as simple as relieving stresses caused by welding or machining. This can improve the dimensional stability and fatigue strength of the metal. Other processes, such as quench and tempering, modify the physical properties of the metal to produce a wide range of strength and ductility combinations.

Magnum Metal Treating not only performs these common processes but also newer and more unique processes such as carburizing and plasma nitriding which produce a hard outer coating for high wear applications. In addition, we also specialize in high temperature processing of stainless and tool steels. Parts made from these classes of steel are heated up to 2400° F. in furnaces designed to create a vacuum in what is called the 'hot zone' to protect the parts from attack by reactive elements that come into contact with the parts during processing.

Mechanical Testing

We provide tension testing, impact testing, microhardness testing and more.

Vacuum Heat Treating

Magnum Metal has two vacuum furnaces for heating metals up to 2400° F.

Plasma Nitriding

Our two plasma nitride furnaces can treat metal pieces up to 48" wide x 72" long.

Atmosphere Heat Treating

Special services include atmosphere normalizing, carburizing and carbonitriding.

Open Flame Heat Treating

Heat treating in open air where surface contamination is not an issue.

Shot and Bead Blasting

We offer surface cleaning using abrasion of steel shot or glass beads.